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We don’t look at clients as strangers, we look to build healthy, long-term relationships, and the number of our returning customers is a testament to the quality of service our company provides. Call us now, book your ride, and our expert team will help you determine the best fit vehicle for your needs; a car, a van or an ambulatory. We are not your regular medical transportation service company, we take everything to the next level. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide excellent customer service. Our team is quick to respond and will go above and beyond to give you the shortest wait times. In a hurry? Our express service will make sure one of our drivers will be at your door in the shortest time possible and stay with you until you are safely back home.

We provide the following types of



Ambulatory transportation is the most common form of service. It is intended for patients who do not need a device to walk and are able to walk.


In addition, stretcher medical transport is available, which is designed for patients who suffer from back conditions or who cannot sit upright.


Wheelchair transport services offer help to those who are confined to a wheelchair or who cannot walk on their own.

We custom tailor your transportation

Our fleet of high-quality, state of the art vehicles, our highly trained staff, and chauffeurs will ensure that you will get the best, most comfortable ride to their destination in Douglasville (or anywhere in the West Georgia area).  When you work with us on your transportation needs, we don’t just take you to where you want to go and drop you off, we make sure you get inside your location safely. Accessibility is of our utmost concern, and we will not just drop you off at the door. One of our polite staff members will personally escort you or your loved one inside your destination in Carrollton, or wherever it may be. We want to be known for our customer service on each and every trip.

best price and value

Regardless of what type of medical care it is; a doctor’s appointment for a check-up in Cedartown, an outpatient clinic in Dallas, visiting loved ones in Whitesburg, a personal errand in Temple, or a recreational group outing in Rockmart, we are proud to help you do it all! Tell us what you need, get a FREE no-obligation quote, and we will give you OUR GUARANTEE that you will never search for another transport company ever again after trying West Georgia Non Emergency Medical Transport! Save our number and we promise to get you to where you want to go and back safely.

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We care about our senior citizens, who are our parents or grandparents. The greatest generation that has given so much to this country, deserves the best care in their golden years. Not only do the elderly need our medical transportation services, there are disabled children, disabled young adults, and disabled adults who need non emergency transportation services as well.

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